Indian Blood Bank Society (IBBS) is registered as per The TCLSCS Registration Act XII of 1955 under Government of Kerala. This society is aimed at promoting the awareness of blood donation among the public. The society is committed to attract public without linguistic-religious-political differences to donate blood.

Indian Blood Bank Society is a charity organization formed with the active initiation and guidance of HON Lt Col Mohanlal Padmasree, under " act for humanity " . " act for humanity " is a Non-profit organization founded by Mr. Esahaque Eswaramangalam and a group of young social workers during 2004, HON Lt Col Mohanlal Padmasree as its lifetime goodwill ambassador aimed to fight against terrorism and fanatic activities.

Indian Blood Bank Society will have its active presence all over India within the next couple of years. Our first initiative, is the official blood bank portal of Indian Blood Bank Society.